About us

About Us

Your mental health is important. Sometimes, you can solve your problems by yourself, but they overwhelm you at times and you become desperate. In such moments, I exist to help you through it and see the light of the day again. This blog was created aiming to help people who seem happy on the outside but are in agony on the inside.

With years of experience as a psychotherapist, I’ve met a lot of people, each with a various set of problems. Some people, however, refuse to get help for their situation or are too afraid to reach out. I have thought about creating this blog because I wish to reach as many people as possible and help them change for the better.

I have experience in working with patients who were suffering from anxiety, depression, addictions, stress, relationship issues, marital counseling, and many others. Sometimes the cause for these problems is known, other times it’s not. My job is to help you address it and, thus, discover the source and work towards healing.

Not only I could help you overcome your problems, but I also offer lessons in order to help people learn the art of psychotherapy. You will be able to make the world of a difference after mastering it, as you will possibly help people who are out of others’ reach. Psychotherapy will not only help you help others – basically, you will learn more about yourself and how to beat your own demons.

Everyone needs someone to talk to and find ways to get out of the darkness – hence why psychotherapy is so important.