Human desire

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Human desire is unbound and we continually act and perceive things according to our perception. These notions have led to the enactment of freedom and rights to ensure no harm is propagated by the desire to do something, in this case, laws have been set as guidance and a measure of the ignorance we continue to depict. For instance, high the desire and ignorance has led to humans’ immorality and cruelty to one another and the environment around us. Evidently, most social issues such as war, climate change, and wildlife endangerments have all been propagated by human desires and the lack of measure in our freedoms. Clearly, people are continuously doing things without a consideration of others; however, some might have been influenced by a psychological condition thus the focus and research on the human perception and impact of the universe should be thoroughly conducted.

Personally, I have had an interest in social issues since 11th grade; moreover, I have read a lot of books, online journals, magazines, and articles to find information on these issues. Additionally, I have engaged in conversations with friends, public forums and debates in regards to freedom, legality, and moral views. The passion of these issues has led to my I interest in taking a course of public governance which will help me earn more knowledge on these issues. Moreover, I will provide a chance to engage with more people with interest in this career and have a plan for future impact by engaging in current social responsibilities.

For instance, I am faced with an intellectual dilemma of why humans have to act in certain ways; for instance, the evidence that issues like terrorism, homophobia, theft, murder and mass shootings continue to exist has been a consideration of thought. In essence, this course will act as a bridge of personal perception and professionalism thus helping me understand more on the human conception of social problems and provide solutions and recommendation programs that will have an impact on the lives of people as well as offer growth in my career. For instance, I will have a situation of interaction with professional in these particular fields and offer my opinions and recommendations. Evidently, with my passion for the social aspect, I will have a larger platform to prove my ideas and that offer a chance of encouragement to more people to focus on social aspects and ensure that the rationality of the world is reinstated and people live in harmony.

In conclusion, the impact of this course on my life will be my utmost happiness due to my passion for the current issues of law, freedom, and molarity. Evidently, through this I will have a chance to impact my passion to others, for instance, my passion on human morality will ensure that powerless victims such as kids who are perceived as rape victims will have a platform for reestablishing their worth. Apparently, this is evident as I will ensure the establishment of a program that ensures a strict dealing on rape offenders as well as educates the society on the impact of social morality to prevent such occurrences. Lastly, it is clear that these are primary issues that should be addressed effectively to ensure sanity is retained and harmony is realized in every aspect of life.