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Mindfulness is deeply ingrained in the history of Buddha and is manifested through a deep appreciation of complexities influencing human experience. Just like cognitive therapy offers treatment to people suffering from anxiety and depression, mindfulness prevents the state of anxiety and depression. It is a basic medical knowledge that the biggest obstacle to mental health is thinking about past stresses and getting worked up over potential future problems. Mindfulness is essential in putting into perspective the past and future in order to suppress their dominion. This cognitive therapy empowers individuals into focusing on the present, and the momentary sensations of the world. Various meditation techniques such as the body scan help participants to focus on their bodily sensations. Great acknowledgment is directed to the emerging thoughts of the participants and they are “kindly observed” prior to the refocusing of their minds back to the bodily sensations.

An example of mindfulness is when you get angry for lying in bed, and yet you keep on tossing and turning since you can’t sleep. Since you can’t alter the situation, the anger is unnecessary and can only lead to more stress and anxiety. Rather than suppressing the thoughts, mindfulness advocates and enables you to relax and imagine them as clouds traversing the sky. The sight of them should only culminate into a form of kindness towards them.

On conclusion of a study undertaken by two psychological specialists namely Piet and Hougaard (2011) involving six clinical trials on 593 people, results indicated a 43% reduction in the risk of relapse for patients who had previously experienced cases of depression as a result of cognitive therapy based on mindfulness, compared with patients who received normal treatment. The findings by Piet and Hougaard, among many more research studies, have indeed proven that mindfulness is not a fad, but rather a very effective preventative form of mental treatment.

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