Mickey’s Chicago isn’t only a way to get some counseling – even though the events are going to have the same impact. They will teach you some skills in how to help others who need someone to be there for them.

Below is a list of upcoming events that will teach you valuable things:

  • This Sunday – Attachment Styles: You will learn about the different types of attachment. You will be able to find out what style of attachment you have and what type of attachment your partner/ex has.
  • Next week – Re-Attracting Your Ex – Breakups are painful and make you wish you never dealt with a relationship in the first place. Because you still love your ex and want them back, this lesson will be able to help you. You will learn ways to re-attract them without begging and pleading.
  • In Two Weeks – A Friend in Need – You probably have a friend that suffers from anxiety and you have no idea how to act around them. In this seminar, you will learn how to help them and how to react and not react to their anxiety.
  • In Three Weeks – No-Contact Rule – Have you ever experienced pulling back from someone, and them being more attracted to you? This event will teach you how no-contact works and why it could save you and your ex from falling apart.
  • Next Month – Beating the Past’s Demons – If you or someone close to you has a history of abuse, this event will help overcome the trauma. You will learn about how it affected you and how to notice past trauma signs in others.
  • Next Month – Self-Esteem – Low self-esteem affects many individuals nowadays. It not only affects them as people but affects their relationships with others as well. You will learn about why people have low self-esteem and how to gain it.
  • TBD – Knowing Yourself – In this event, participants will take some tests that will determine some things about them. You will learn many new things.
  • TBD – Overcoming Jealousy – Jealousy is often the reason for many break-ups. It’s a horrible feeling that plays with your mind and makes partners pull back from the relationship and end up leaving it. It’s important to know how to put an end to jealousy, and that’s why this event exists.

Choose the events you want to participate in and get to know yourself better, solve all your issues and help your loved ones with their own struggles.